U.S. Department of Energy Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program
Analysis Repository
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The Analysis Repository is a compilation of analyses and analytical models relevant to assessing hydrogen fuel and fuel cell issues. Projects in the repository relate to

The U.S. Department of Energy created this repository to help analysts, policy makers, businesses, government agencies, and others quickly and easily locate information on hydrogen analyses.

Finding Information

This database is structured much like a library catalog. Each project entry contains information on the principal investigator, sponsor, and purpose—providing enough information for additional searches elsewhere if more information is needed. In some cases, more project details are included, such as reports, links to models, and other related data.

You can find projects using different approaches. The left-hand navigation allows for browsing by either analysis or modeling projects. You can also browse by title, performing organization, principal investigator, and completion date. The search box at the right hand top allows for searches by keyword.

Understanding Analysis and Model Categories

For easy location of projects by general subject area, analyses and models are grouped into seven categories.